How to Have a Perfect Life

I’m turning 40 next month.

There’s nothing like a big age milestone to help you see how far you’ve come.

I know a lot of people feel like birthdays are a sign of decline, but my life keeps getting better and better! I recently realized I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

This prompted me to list some ways my life has improved [exponentially] over the past 10 years.

Here’s the short version:

  • I have a first-class marriage. I attracted my dream mate and have the pleasure of living, working, and loving beside him every day.

  • I live in my dream house. About 10 years ago, I drove by my house and said, “I love that house. I’d love to live there.” And now I do. (Incidentally, my mom did this with her dream home, too.)

  • I drive my dream car. I didn’t even know what I wanted when I went to get a new one, but it’s absolutely perfect.

  • I have exceptional kids. They are all happy, healthy, talented, intelligent, popular, and hilarious.

  • I have exactly the work situation I wanted. Flexible, unique, lucrative, and perfect for my life.

  • I get everything I ask for. Literally. When I look around my life, every single detail of every little thing is exactly what I wanted or expected for myself.

  • All my relationships are harmonious. I started asking for and expecting mutually beneficial, positive relationships in every area of my life, and that’s exactly what I have.

  • I’m sober.

  • I feel good every day.

  • I’m happy.

Really, what more can I ask for? My life is charmed.

I’m not a magician or any smarter or luckier than anyone else. There’s no secret formula, although I can list some things I did to ensure my life would improve:

  1. I decided I wanted things to be different; I wanted to be happy.

  2. I started to get clear about what was really important to me...what I actually wanted.

  3. I asked for and received help. I recognized that I had some problems I couldn’t solve on my own, and I found people to help me.

  4. I stopped trying to control everything.

  5. I started to focus on the positive things in my life and express gratitude for them.

I grew up thinking that in order to improve things, I needed to focus on everything that was wrong. I made list after list of things I didn’t like about myself or things I wanted to change. I thought long and hard about all my flaws and all the disharmony in my life. I talked about it, wrote about it, prayed about it. It’s no surprise that things kept getting worse and I liked myself less and less.

The universe always gives you exactly what you ask for (and think about).

A simple shift changed everything: focusing on what I want. Thinking about my perfect life. Getting a clear vision of myself as happy, healthy, and wealthy. And guess what I am now?

I don’t mean to imply that this was a simple or quick process. It took me a long time to realize what was wrong, change my thoughts, and overcome the limiting beliefs that were nestled deep down in my soul.

When you spend your entire life thinking you’re not worthy, you’re not beautiful, you don’t deserve success, and you’ll never be truly happy or wealthy, it’s hard to convince yourself otherwise.

But you can, and I did, and it’s amazing.

It’s all there for you, too, when you decide you’re ready for change.

So, here’s to the big 4-0! I wish for you the same thing I have guaranteed for myself:

Life just keeps getting better and better!

Love, Teddey

P.S.  A HUGE part of my success in changing the way I think and transforming my life has been doing affirmations. I absolutely love writing down the things I want to be true, and repeating them to myself over and over again. Your brain changes and you start to believe those things are possible or even already true, and then...they ARE! If you want a little help getting started, try my free 30 Days of Affirmations--just one email a day with a little love from me.

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