How can you accomplish your goals?

We all know that feeling of failing at something.

You get all excited and are sure that you're going to change your life for sure this time. For a few days, it seems simple and easy! You have so much energy for this new endeavor--it's almost effortless! You know exactly what you need to do and you're doing it! It's working! Everything is going great!

And then, slowly but surely, it gets a little harder. It doesn't seem so shiny and easy anymore. You're a little bit tired, and the goal doesn't seem quite as important as it did a few days or weeks ago. And, before you know it, you're right back where you started--only a little bit worse. Because now you not only haven't accomplished your goal, but you have the added bonus of feeling like a huge failure.

Sound familiar?

How can we do things differently to actually make progress?

Many of us tend to swing back and forth between extremes--addicted to the emotional roller coaster of the highs and lows. We're trying to avoid those flat periods when there's no drama. When you're not obsessing about making some dramatic life change, you have to actually live your not-very-exciting life--which isn't always fun. 

In order to start making real progress, you need to get a little more comfortable in the gray area, where life is kind of predictable and you're not chasing some impossible dream. It's scary because it's calm and quiet sometimes, and you might notice things that you'd otherwise like to avoid thinking about.

But in that quiet, calm space, you might also start to understand what it is you really want. Rather than distracting yourself with some unattainable but exciting goal, you give yourself the mental space to recognize your true desires. Maybe you thought losing some weight would make you happy, but you start to realize that what you really want is a more fulfilling career. Or maybe saving for a sports car seemed appealing, but you start to become aware that you need to work on your relationship.

Taking some time to live in the gray isn't always the most exciting option, but it's the surest way to finally start figuring out how to make meaningful changes that will actually enhance your life. Just take a little more time each day to be still and see what comes up for you.

You'll be surprised at what the simple shift from chasing to listening can do for you.

Teddey Hicks