Chocolate in Bed

Intuitive Eating Changed My Life

Intuitive Eating saved me in many ways. I remember the sense of relief when I first read the book...finally understanding why the more I tried to control myself around food, the more out of control I became. Or why my first real diet was a euphoric journey of success, and then I gained all the weight back as soon as I loosened my obsessive death grip on eating, exercising, and point-counting.

It was a relief to finally hear someone say that I need to be kind to my body, I need to reconnect with my body, and I can give myself permission to have anything I want to remove the emotional attachment I had to certain foods. I love the focus on weight-neutral self-care, and really understood for the first time how to take care of my body and love myself (without needing to lose weight first).

I gave up dieting for good (it was so powerful to learn how harmful it is), and started living my life. I worked really hard on being mindful about my food choices, allowing myself to have whatever I wanted without guilt, but also considering my health in a loving, gentle way. And it worked really well...for a while.

But, I Never Stopped Bingeing on Chocolate

Here’s my deep dark secret: I never stopped bingeing on chocolate. I literally kept a stash of chocolate in my bedside table and usually ate all of it, every night. At first, I would be super compassionate with myself -- it’s ok, it was a learning experience, I can be more thoughtful about what this was happening and what I really needed instead of the chocolate.

And then I started feeling frustrated with myself -- why did I feel so out of control at night when I had given myself full permission to eat whatever appealed to me all day, why was I treating myself with such disrespect, and why, why, why couldn’t I figure this out? I’m supposed to have all this stuff down pat, and be able to help other people get it, too! My frustration morphed into shame, which honestly just made things 100 times worse.

For a long time, I promised myself that I would hide this problem -- no one except my husband would know that I sat in bed night after night, eating, frankly, way more chocolate than I’d ever consumed in my life. It was so embarrassing, and I felt like a big, old imposter.

I was very aware of why chocolate was my nighttime comfort -- that’s a time of day when I felt very lonely as a child, and chocolate was one of those special things that I couldn’t get enough of when I was a kid. Whether it was the red cellophane-wrapped heart-shaped boxes my dad gave us for Valentine’s Day, or the Cadbury Cream Eggs at Easter, or the brown paper package of M&Ms that I bought the first time I walked to the store on my own, or the chocolate oranges we always got in our Christmas stockings -- chocolate was comfort and fun and love and freedom and celebration for my entire childhood.

The problem is that even if you really understand why the compulsive / habitual / binge-eating is happening, it’s not always so easy to make it stop. I kept having this recurring thought that if I could just “do” Intuitive Eating well enough, I wouldn’t be having this struggle. My deep subconscious programming about chocolate was just too powerful.

I remember having the very clear thought one day: I wish I could replace that old story in my mind that chocolate is comfort and love. And, then I remembered that I’m actually a hypnotherapist (it took me a few minutes), and that I CAN reprogram that old story for myself. Funny how it’s always so much easier to deal with other people’s problems than your own.

I decided to create a hypnosis script specifically about desiring foods that support my health and wellbeing. This is a touchy area for Intuitive Eaters, because it can be a slippery slope back into dieting mentality when you start thinking about controlling yourself around food. I was careful to create a script that incorporated self-confidence, freedom and peace around food, well-balanced eating habits, as well as the natural and automatic gravitation toward nourishing foods that give me energy and support my physical health

Does hypnosis really work?

I decided to use myself as a case study. I listened to my own recording about Health & Peace With Food, and the next day I found that I didn’t even think about chocolate at bedtime. The day after that, same thing. Since I created that script and listened to it before bed, I have had exactly 0 chocolate binges (or any other kind of binges).

The important thing is that I’m not restricting myself. There’s still chocolate in the house -- in the kitchen, where it belongs -- and I have some when I want it. But I no longer feel out of control, and I’m not longer hiding it or eating far more than my body needs to comfort myself emotionally. There are some days when I don’t even want it!

The other amazing result of this hypnosis script is that I’m eating a more balanced diet. I really have found myself craving salad more frequently than usual, and I’ve been much more motivated to buy and eat fruits and vegetables with almost every meal (which is making me feel much better physically).

I know there’s no magic pill that will solve everyone’s problems, but I really believe in the power of hypnosis and I have proof that it worked for me.

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