Why I'm Not Eating 10 Bags of Chocolate Eggs

I said to my daughter the other day: “These Cadbury people are marketing geniuses. I can’t wait for the Easter candy to hit the shelves in February and then I buy so much of it!”

She said, “Wouldn’t they make more money if they sold it all the time?”

In trying to explain to her why the scarcity of it creates the buying frenzy, the conversation naturally morphed into a discussion of food restriction and bingeing behavior. (Her eyes always glaze over at this point in the conversation -- my kids really “get” intuitive eating and don’t need to hear about it as much as I want to talk about it.)

When you can’t have it, you want it more. It’s that simple. Whether it’s your body saying “I need that thing” or your mind saying “I must have that thing,” restriction creates urgency and sometimes even panic.

So the fine people at Cadbury understand that if we could have Mini Eggs or Cream Eggs all the time, it would be as boring as anything else. But since we can only get it for 3-4 months out of the year, we don’t let an opportunity to purchase it pass us by.

I remember a time, not too long ago, before I had discovered Intuitive Eating, that I would eat 3-4 Cream Eggs every day at this time of year. And the bags of Mini Eggs disappeared very fast. I remember feeling absolutely sick, but also kind of like I had an obligation to eat them while I could. It wasn’t a happy, peaceful feeling. It was urgent and demanding and full of pressure.

This year, when the candy hit the shelves, I immediate bought some. The first day I had it, I ate a lot of it. I didn’t judge myself -- I just noticed how I felt. Not great. But that’s ok.

The second day, I still had as much as I wanted, but it was probably half the amount I ate the first day. The beautiful, elusive chocolate eggs still tasted good to me, but I wasn’t quite as interested.

The third day, I had a small amount and was completely satisfied. My mind was peaceful, and my body was telling me I had enough. It was easy and relaxing, and exciting to notice that I automatically stopped eating them when I was ready. I didn’t have to TRY to stop eating them.

This is what happens when you give yourself full permission to eat...anything...at any time. You tune into your body, and some things sound appealing, and some things don’t. Sometimes you want a lot of something, and other times just 3 Mini Eggs is enough. But it’s not a mental game. There’s no will-power involved. You’re just listening to your body and doing what feels right.

It’s. So. Easy.

Not that I made this transformation overnight -- it did take a lot of practice and reminding myself that I was on the right track, even when I ate way more than I wanted (out of habit) or felt myself falling back into restrictive behavior (out of fear).

The more peace I made with myself, the more permission I gave myself, the more security I felt around food, the easier things got. Intuitive Eating is the path to freedom and happiness. It’s a mental and emotional process that supports your body and naturally changes your behavior.

Easter chocolate is just another food. I can take it or leave it. And sometimes I leave it. That’s the miracle of Intuitive Eating.

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