Happiness Right Now? Inconceivable!

Yeah, maybe your knees wouldn’t hurt so much if you weighed less. Maybe you would be able to get around more easily, or have more clothing options, or start running again. Perhaps you would face less discrimination, or feel more accepting of yourself. Maybe your health markers would improve and your doctor would stop giving you a hard time. Maybe.

Here’s the thing, though: when you make weight loss the first priority, it becomes an excuse to avoid living your best life.

“I can’t feel good until I lose weight.”

“I won’t be confident until I lose weight.”

“I can’t be healthy unless I lose weight.”

“My weight is holding me back at work.”

“I could never enjoy a vacation at this size.”

“I can’t wear a bathing suit / go swimming until I have a beach body.”

And finally, the piece de resistance: “I can’t be happy until I lose weight.”

You’re making some dangerous assumptions by making weight-loss the gatekeeper of your happiness: losing weight will solve all those problems, it’s possible to change the shape and size of your body, and you can’t do anything to improve your life without getting thin first.

It’s so easy to blame everything that’s not perfect in your life on your body, but it’s just an excuse. What CAN you do right now? How can you be more comfortable? How can you improve your health? How can you get a better job? What kind of vacation do you want to take?

If you were 4’6”, and a terrible basketball player, would you sit around and lament your lost changes of playing the NBA, or would you just find another way to be happy? If you were born without legs, would you spend your life cursing your inability to be an olympic pole vaulter, or just figure out something else you could do well and enjoyed?

When you focus on what you don’t like and what you don’t have, you keep yourself stuck in negative thinking and your life will reflect that. Start training yourself to have expansive, possibility thinking -- how can you make your life more wonderful right now, in this moment, with the resources you have at your disposal?

Your weight is a barrier to happiness because you decided it was. You can live a wonderful, happy, confident, satisfying life in any kind of body. And if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that the happier you are in the body you have right now, the easier it will be to create the kind of joy, peace, confidence, health, and excitement you’re dreaming of.

So you better just start living your life right now.

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Teddey HicksComment