Is this how you want to spend your life--worrying about your body?

Did you ever learn about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

The basic premise is that you have to take care of your basic needs and security before you can realize your full potential or even transcend your individual experience and live on a spiritual level.

The hierarchy generally goes something like this:

Physical needs  ---> Safety ---> Love/Connection ---> Self-Esteem ---> Self-Actualization ---> Transcendence

When I was going through my recovery, I remember it hitting me like a ton of bricks that I couldn’t get to self-actualization (living my full potential) or transcendence (experiencing life on a spiritual level) because I was still stuck down in the “basic” levels of physical security, safety, and self-confidence.

If you’re struggling with food, you may still be trying to move past the first level--the most basic elements of survival--food, water, sleep, sex, etc.

Dieting is self-imposed starvation. You are literally eating less than your body needs to survive (that’s why it’s not sustainable and you repeatedly “fail”--your body doesn’t want you to die). So, if your body and subconscious think you’re on the brink of starvation, your most basic physical need isn’t being met.

How could you fully love yourself, having meaningful relationships, make your mark on the world, and live your most fantastic life when you’re literally just trying to survive?

No wonder you feel so unfulfilled, confused, and anxious.

I’ve totally been there, too. But once I realized what was going on and that I was just spinning my wheels in the bottom levels, it was suddenly intolerable. I HAD to move to the next level. I HAD to reach self-actualization and transcendence. There was no way I was wasting one more minute of this lifetime just trying to make peace with my physical self.

I was spending my time and energy worrying about my body instead of focusing on my relationships, my spirituality, and my professional potential. It was such a huge A-HA moment!

Tackling those higher areas of development IS scary. It IS much easier to focus on something simple and straightforward like changing your body. That’s how we distract ourselves from having to face the big stuff--convince ourselves that nothing good can happen in our lives until we look better.

Yes, I want to look good and feel good. Feeling my best and taking care of myself is one of the ways I support my development. Changing the shape of my body has literally nothing to do with anything. It just doesn’t matter anymore. That is true freedom.

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