It's ok to ignore things you don't like

When you have a problem, it feels like you need to focus on it and think about it to try and solve it, doesn’t it? Your instinct is to give it all your attention until you figure out the right way to handle it.

What you focus on expands. The energy you put into the world is the energy that is returned to you.

The energy you are contributing to the situation is probably pretty negative. You’re probably worried and distressed or maybe even impatient and angry.

Have you ever noticed how when something bad happens, it can set off kind of a downward spiral where everything seems to get worse? Or the more you think about something that’s bothering you, the more it starts to bother you?

There have been so many times in my life when I worked so hard at trying to fix something, and things just seemed to get more complicated and more out of my control. Losing weight is a perfect example: the more I focused on trying to “fix” my body, the worse I felt about myself. The more I noticed my flaws and thought about all the ways I wished my body looked different, the more depressed and out of control I felt.

If you can really embrace the idea that the Universe is delivering exactly what you wish for through your thoughts and emotions, the solution is always to shift your thoughts to what you DO want. Instead of thinking about how I hated my body and wished it was different, I started thinking about how I wanted to feel. I was able to figure out that what I really wanted was to feel successful, confident, and happy. The more I focused on those things, the better my life got (and, by the way, I also realized that the size of my body has absolutely nothing to do with any of those things).

There are so many things to worry about these days. Whether it’s personal problems, or giant calamities going on in the world. We have more access to information than ever before, and it’s easy to get swept up in the bad news everyone seems so eager to share. It doesn’t make me feel good to think about those things or recount the terrible details of what happened.

Does it help anything if we all sit around and talk about the latest shooting or flood or genocide? There’s a difference between being informed (which I’m not convinced is all that important, anyway) and contributing more negativity to an already awful situation. I think there’s a reason that tragedies are occurring more and more frequently -- and I think it has a lot to do with the energy we are creating when we think about it and talk about it.

I have decided not to participate in any bad news discussions. Yes, I know what’s going on and yes, I know it’s awful, but I choose to spend my time thinking about what I do want, thinking about the way I want the world to be, and spreading as much love as possible.

It’s ok for you to do that also. It’s ok to decide not to participate in discussions that make you feel bad. It’s ok to tell people you only want to discuss good news and not bad news. It’s ok to turn the TV off and go read an inspirational book or watch funny movies instead of the news.

The more positivity and love you are able to create in your own life, the more you are able to share with the world. And the happier you will be.

You get to decide what you pay attention to and how you want to feel.

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Teddey HicksComment