How to Shift Your Mindset to Become a Successful Intuitive Eater

Intuitive eating is as much about thinking differently as it is about doing things differently.

You may have noticed by now that changing your eating habits is impossible if you haven’t changed the limiting and negative thoughts that sent you down the diet rabbit hole in the first place. If you still maintain a fundamental belief that you are flawed and need to change, that change is challenging, or that you are stuck, any kind of improvement is going to be very hard.

On the flip side, when you truly believe that you are worthy, that you can accomplish anything, and that you are on the fast-track to success, the sky’s the limit!

How do you make that mental shift to positivity, excitement, and love when you’ve been mired in fear and uncertainty for so long?

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that is always working, whether we are aware of it or not. A basic understanding of the main principles will be very useful in helping you change your thoughts and setting you squarely on the path to a peaceful and rewarding relationship with food.

Principle 1 -- Attraction: Like attracts like. You get what you give. If you put out love and positivity and confidence, you will receive more of that. If you feel happy and successful, you will feel more of that. Your primary job is to get yourself feeling happy as frequently as you can, and carry that feeling with you through life. Don’t worry, be happy.

Principle 2 -- Deliberate Creation: You can deliberately control your circumstances with your thoughts. What you think attracts more of the same. Whatever you put your energy on expands. If you think about wonderful things and focus on the best possible outcome, those things will appear in your life. Think about the good, and release the bad.

Principle 3 -- Allowing: The only behavior, circumstances, and opinions you need to worry about are your own. ‘Allowing’ is a deep belief that everyone is on their perfect path, and the Universe is always creating perfectly. Everyone is always learning exactly what they need to learn, and your job is to focus on yourself and living your truth. In other words, mind your own business.

Practical Steps

1. Feel Good / Gratitude

The fastest and most reliable way to get yourself feeling good is to give thanks for all the wonderful things you have. When you’re feeling down, and worried, and struggling, just taking a few minutes to say “thank you” for all you’ve got will immediately shift your mood. It’s so simple and you can literally do it anytime. Thank you for this parking spot..for my family...for this coffee...for my office...for my healthy body...for heat...for pets...for breakfast...for clean water...for great weather...for my cell phone...for forks...for my hair...for this lottery win...for this nourishing dinner...for my credit cards...for being able to live in this country...for highways...for tissues...for elastic waistbands…

There are so many perfect and wonderful things in life, and once you start paying attention to them (rather than what you don’t like), life will be a lot better.

2. Change Thoughts / Reframing

Negative thoughts can be stubborn and pervasive. It’s usually not enough to just “will” them away or try to avoid them. When you can learn to acknowledge them and reframe them, you will have a powerful tool for personal development at your disposal.

When you have a thought that doesn’t serve you, pick it up and look at it. Ask yourself: Is it true, and is there another way to see it? How can you turn it around to serve you? Here are a couple examples:

THOUGHT: I can’t be happy until I lose weight.

Is it true? No. You can be happy anytime.

Is there another way to see it? Yes. You’re on your perfect path and learning exactly what you need to learn, and your body serves you well right now.

REFRAME: Dissatisfaction with my body is a distraction from living my fullest life, and I choose to stop delaying my happiness.


THOUGHT: If I give myself permission to eat anything I want, I’ll be out of control and eat nothing but chocolate for the rest of my life.

Is it true? No. Your body doesn’t want nothing but chocolate. You may eat a lot of it for a while, but that obsessive feeling will pass once you’ve given yourself permission to have it anytime.

Is there another way to see it? Yes. When you remove the emotion and morality from your food choices, you will naturally desire a variety of foods and your body will seek balance.

REFRAME: By fully allowing myself to experience all types of foods without guilt, I will desire a wide variety of foods as my body naturally maintains balance.

3. Focus on Self / Affirmations & Forgiveness

It’s actually incredible how much time and energy we spend judging other people’s behavior and opinions. It is such a distraction to be constantly monitoring everything that’s happening around us and deciding how we feel about it.

Can you imagine a world in which you were able to stay happy, positive, and loving regardless of anything that happened in your life? Can you image being just a witness to events and not emotionally engaging with them? Can you imagine shrugging your shoulders and walking away when someone says something rude or that you completely disagree with?

When you really understand that everything in the world is unfolding perfectly and everyone is exactly where they need to be, you will be able to put your focus back on yourself and live in complete harmony with everything and everyone around you. You’ll also understand that everything happening in your own life is perfect, which is the path to self-acceptance. It sounds so good, doesn’t it?

Of course you may already have some negative emotional attachment to other people’s behavior or things about your own life that you don’t like. Here are a couple of things that will help you release your negative feelings and judgment of yourself and others:

Affirmations: develop a few affirmations that resonate with you and keep them handy when you find yourself struggling to fully allow the experience of everyone around you. This will be a mantra you repeat (in your head or out loud) to get back on track. For example:

“Everyone is on their perfect path, and it’s not my job to judge their progress.”

“I think about the things I desire, and let everything else fall out of my experience.”

“I focus on my own wellbeing, and take responsibility for my own actions.”

Forgiveness: this can be a great way to release your attachment to other people’s behavior or things you’re not happy with in your life (and also develop some compassion for yourself and others). Try something like this:

“I forgive you for saying those things I didn’t like or having that stupid opinion.”

“I forgive you for not doing what I thought you should do.”

“I forgive you for not being able to support me appropriately.”

“I forgive my body for not looking the way I want it to.”

“I forgive myself for struggling.”

“I forgive myself for eating in a way that didn’t make me feel good last night.”

The Big Picture

The keys to success aren’t necessarily doing more and doing things perfectly and trying harder. Sometimes we get so focused on the details of what we think we’re supposed to be doing, that we lose sight of the big picture. What do you really want out of life? How do you want to feel? What kind of person do you want to be? Asking these big questions will help you create a vision for your perfect life that you can focus on and work toward.

Surrendering the need for perfection, making yourself as happy as possible (right now!), and focusing on what you really want will help you approach Intuitive Eating from a new, enlightened perspective. It doesn’t have to be hard and long and arduous -- when you’re feeling good, and supporting yourself, and loving others, and forgiving yourself when things don’t go perfectly, everything you do will be fun and easy.

The peace and freedom of trusting your body and respecting yourself is truly incredible. Forming a peaceful relationship with food and learning how to be happy (right now!) will set the stage for the rest of your fantastic life. Get it, girl.

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