My Weight, My Life

Sometimes I lose a little weight. But most of the time the diet doesn’t even last a few days. Why do I even try?

Maybe I need to get some professional help. There’s clearly something wrong with me. I can’t do it alone.

Doctor, can you help me lose some weight? Eat less, exercise more, control yourself.

I’m going to try again...for real, this time. I can’t keep living like this. Everything will be easier if I can fix this.

I failed again. What is wrong with me?

Chiropractor, can you put the needles in places that will magically help me lose weight? You have to do the work yourself--eat less, only vegetables at night.

I can’t just eat vegetables at night. I’m too hungry.

What’s wrong with me?

Why am I so weak? Why am I cursed with this uncooperative body? It gets harder every time.

I keep getting fatter.

Dad, I really want to lose weight but I don’t know how. I know everything will be better if I’m skinny. I’ll give you $2000 if you lose 50 pounds.

Diet lady, can you please help me? I’m desperate. You gained 0.25 this week. Better watch it!

I’m so hungry. And angry. And ashamed.

Do I look weak? Gluttonous? Pathetic?

Is my stomach sticking out beyond my boobs?

If you lost some weight, your butt wouldn’t look so weird.

If you lost some weight, you would be happier.

If you lost some weight, you would be healthier, prettier, popular, acceptable.

But I can’t lose weight. What is wrong with me?

Why do you want to lose weight? So my life will be easier. Duh.

What if you couldn’t lose weight? I guess I’m doomed to be miserable.

What if you were destined to live in this body forever? Would you still struggle? ...

What if you could be happy the way you are? ...

What if you were already beautiful and had a great life? ...

What if losing weight wouldn’t really fix anything? ...

What if your value had nothing to do with your size? ...

What if you could love yourself? I can.

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