How I found happiness and peace (and so can you)

I’m haunted by a story my therapist told me about a 90 year old woman in hospice who was literally dying and refused to eat a bowl of ice cream because she was worried about her weight. I don’t want that to be my story.

I think there’s a point where you are just ready for Intuitive Eating. You’ve got to be sick to death of dieting, exhausted of failure, tired of beating yourself up. You’ve got to have some awareness that dieting doesn’t work, because you’ve tried and failed so many times. You’ve got to have exhausted all other avenues, and finally be ready to stop struggling. You’ve got to be at a point where health and happiness take priority over fitting into a certain size or reaching a certain number on the scale.

If you’re not there yet, you’re just not. I know you can’t convince someone to stop caring about weight loss if they really still do care about it.

I really honestly believe that everyone is on their own path, and learning whatever lessons they need to learn in this life. So, if you want to lose weight and that’s working for you, I wish you the best. I really do--not in a snarky, “Yeah, good luck with that” kind of way. Sincerely -- I hope you find happiness and make the best of your life in any way that works for you.

I’m sitting outside right now, and it’s a truly beautiful Maryland afternoon. I’m so relaxed and feel so peaceful, and it just occurred to me that this is my reward. This is why it was all worth it.

A few years ago, I would have been ordering a pizza and probably on my second drink, and planning what I was going to have for dessert and obsessing over when, what, and how much I could eat. I either would have been planning a binge, or planning a diet.

But instead, I’m sitting here, not thinking about food, feeling peaceful, genuinely content, and happy. I’m thinking about my business and my family and helping other women find freedom.

What made this possible was Intuitive eating...fixing my relationship with food...accepting myself...and facing my actual problems. There’s no short cut. There’s no quick fix. But there is a better way, and it’s really, really worth it.

I don’t have a weight loss success story. I don’t have before and after pictures. But I have freedom.

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