Peace Vs. Perfection

What’s the end result of this journey? When you’re done, what will your eating patterns look like? What will your body look like?

If this is difficult to answer, good.

The process of learning to eat intuitively and create a peaceful relationship with food isn’t cut and dried. And I think that’s why a lot of people struggle with it -- it feels like someone took your training wheels off, and everything is kind of vague and unclear, right?

When a person diets, there’s a specific goal. There are numbers and trackers and signs of progress. It’s very easy to know if you’re doing well and accomplishing your goal.

But what is the goal of intuitive eating? How do you know when you’re making progress? What’s the end result look like?

It isn’t eating a certain way, or looking a certain way, or wearing a certain size.

The goal of Intuitive eating is to create peace with food.

Your progress can be measured in the mental space you enjoy, or the new feeling of calm infiltrating your life. You know you’re doing well if you are thinking about food less and living your life more.

When you are relaxed in your body and feel a growing sense of confidence.

When food takes its appropriate place in your life rather than dominating every thought.

When you’ve re-established the connection between your body and mind.

When you respect and honor your body.

When you feel calmer, and happier, and liberated.

If you’re working toward a specific goal or a specific outcome, you may be struggling. The fact is that most of us have been disconnected from our intuition about our bodies for so long, it’s impossible to know what success will look like until we get there. The more you can suspend your expectations for the end result and thoroughly engage in the process, the better you will feel.

And I will give you a big hint about success: it’s about the way you feel, not about the way you look.

Lingering vestiges of diet mentality may trick you into thinking it’s about portion control, or never eating more than you need, or eating a balanced meal every time you sit down. It’s not. And it’s also not about changing your body.

It’s reclaiming your wisdom about what your body needs, and honoring yourself in every way. It’s thinking about food when you want and need to, and thinking about more important things the rest of the time. It’s living your life fully and completely, and discovering what you are capable of when you aren’t completely distracted or controlled by what you eat or how you look -- it’s really about liberation.

You’ll know you’re there when you achieve peace, not perfection.

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