The Fastest Way to Change Your Life

Every positive change I’ve made has been the result of a mindset shift.

I think the argument can be made that every positive change that anyone has ever made in the history of the universe has been the result of a mindset shift.

I started to wonder how I found myself in the position I was in. Why did I have the jobs I did, or live where I did, or have the financial situation or health circumstances I did? Because that’s what I believed. All my experiences in my life led me to believe that I was going to live in this area and have enough money to get by but never really feel comfortable and struggle with my health and other personal issues and always feel a little dissatisfied. Because that’s what I expected.

And, as usual, I got exactly what I asked for. I always wanted things to be different, but felt very stuck in my circumstances. I honestly didn’t think it was possible to make a change. I saw other people living fabulous lives and genuinely enjoying their jobs, but something deep inside reminded me that I could never do that.

Until I started to have a mindset shift.

One small step at a time, I started to see that I had complete control over my life. I was changing the way I was thinking, and my life was reflecting my new mindset. Pretty exciting stuff.

It’s hard to wrap your head around the idea that you can literally control everything you have or do or feel by thinking in a certain way. We are so used to feeling like victims of our circumstances, and it seems crazy to believe we have literally created everything in our lives.

But it’s true. You have gotten exactly what you’ve asked for in life.

It may sound like witchcraft, but think about your life for a minute. I bet you will see how everything around you is exactly how you expect it to be (but that doesn’t mean it’s how you want it to be).

So, how do you harness this voodoo to change your life?

It’s not enough to just want something. You have to want it really, really badly.

And it’s not enough to just want it really, really badly. You have to believe you will have it, with all of your heart.

Wanting stuff is pretty easy, but the believing part...well, that can be a challenge. That’s where the mindset shift comes into play. You have to change the way you consciously think until your subconscious mind starts to believe what you are thinking. And then your subconscious will automatically move you in the direction of what you want.

By far the most effective and quickest way to do this is through affirmations.

You get to sit down and make a list, in present tense, of all the ways you want your life to change--all the ways your life WILL be. It’s so fun--like required daydreaming! And you will read that list (out loud) to yourself at least a couple times a day. And you will start to believe those things are true. And they will start to come true.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. It’s actually too good to not do it. I’ve seen it work for myself, and I’ve seen it work for countless others. You’ve got nothing to lose, except your limiting beliefs!

Go, now, Grasshopper...make your life exactly how you want it!

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