Making Friends With Food

I’ve been there. Waking up every morning feeling sick and full of regret. Making plans and promises to change. Feeling a little piece of self-confidence evaporate every single day.

If you’re ready to feel comfortable and happy every day, have a closet full of clothes that fit perfectly, and stop obsessing over food, this is the program for you.

Learn more about how to realize your full potential and live your best life by repairing your relationship with food.


Repairing Your Relationship

Stop having the same fight over and over again.

If you’re trapped in an unproductive cycle with your partner, and ready to finally find peace, this is the solution. Come together in harmony to find mutual goals for your relationship and move forward with love.

Through hypnosis, I will guide you to deeper connections and mutual support. I will help you focus on solutions, take responsibility and forgive each other, create a joint vision for the future, and recommit to your relationship so you can enjoy a peaceful and loving partnership.

4 Tandem Sessions

$600 (25% discount)


Releasing Habits

Are you living in shame because of a stubborn habit you can’t shake?

Anything from smoking, nail-biting, cracking your knuckles, to obsessively checking social media, or always being late for appointments….hypnosis can help break the cycle and release the problematic behaviors, once and for all.

4 Individual Sessions

$400 (20% discount)