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Learn to stay positive, have satisfying relationships, feel calm and confident around food, respect yourself, and accomplish everything you've ever wanted.

"What I got with Teddey was come out a stronger, more fulfilled person.  I started out thinking I needed to fix my body and ended up making changes in self love and acceptance.  It's a wonderful journey that any one who struggles with body image would be lucky to be a part of.  I just wish I had done it sooner! " --LH

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Coaching Program

We'll use Intuitive Eating & the Law of Attraction to:

  • learn how to honor your body and create comfort
  • thoroughly nourish your body, mind, and spirit
  • release your self-criticism and improve your body image
  • learn self-acceptance and develop self-confidence
  • stay positive and optimistic so you can navigate life with love and ease
  • create a powerful vision for your ideal life and focus on attracting what you really want


What do you get?

  • 10 Intuitive Eating modules with practical steps to form a peaceful relationship with food
  • 10 Law of Attraction modules with key concepts to create a major mindset shift
  • 45-minute weekly coaching call or 55-minute in-person session
  • Follow-up email with reminders and action steps
  • Email support throughout each week
  • Loving guidance, insight, accountability
  • Tools to handle any problem that comes up in the future
  • A totally new perspective on life!
  • Suggested 12-week commitment
  • Add on follow up sessions after the initial 12 weeks at a deeply discounted rate

I'll give you useful information and feedback to resolve your specific challenges. I'll help you change the way you think, and develop a toolkit to manage any problem you encounter. I'll gently challenge your limiting beliefs and help you see things entirely differently. Together, we'll create a new script for your life that is centered around health, happiness, and abundance. I can't wait to see your transformation!

In-person or phone sessions


I'll help you live your best life!


Eat & Be Happy: Make Peace with Food, Love Your Body, and Find True Happiness